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Premiere of Fledermaus at Opera de Rennes Jan, 29th

After two years it’s great to be back for our Fledermaus directed by Jean Lacornerie conducted by Claude Schnitzler on Jan 29th and 31rst, Feb 2, 4 and 6th 

Tickets: Opera de Rennes

Stephan Genz – Eisenstein
Eleonore Marguerre – Rosalinde
Claire de Sévigné – Adele
Milos Buhajcic- Alfred
Thomas Tatzl – Dr. Falke
François Piolino – Dr. Blind
Horst Lamnek – Frank
Stephanie Houtzeel – Orlovsky
Veronika Seghers – Ida
Anne Girouard – Erzählerin und Frosch