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Dec 15 – Jan 6 – Gipsy Baron / Baron Tzigane @Genève Opera

First reviews …

“Best was the Saffi of Eleonore Marguerre. Her voice has strength and musicality and she could have the potential to expand into heavier German roles.” Seen and Heard inter. 19/12/2017

“Eleonore Marguerre portrays a remarkable Saffi, with a colourful and round voice, with a lovely and delicate vibrato. She reduces powerful high notes to a filo di voce and delivers a subtle portrait of the character. “Olryx 17.12.2017

“Eleonore Marguerre is a remarkable Saffi with a round and warm voice and with her aria in the first act the evening starts to finally get emotional.“Le Temps 17.12.2017

“Eleonore Marguerre als Saffi nimmt uns ein und sticht aus der Besetzung zweifellos heraus.” Tribune de Genève 16.12.2017

Premiere Day on Dec 15h 2017 at Grand Theatre Geneva

Conductor Stefan Blunier
Director Christian Räth
Set & costumes Leslie Travers
Sándor Barinkay Jean-Pierre Furlan
Sáffi Eleonore Marguerre
Czipra Marie-Ange Todorovitch
Arsena Melody Louledjian
Comte Carnero Daniel Djambazian
Kálmán Zsupán Christophoros Stamboglis
Ottokar Loïc Félix
Comte Homonay Marc Mazuir
Mirabella Jeannette Fischer

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And for all french-speaking visitors the artistic head of Genève Opéra Daniel Dollé offers an introduction to Gipsy Baron –

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