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Premiere of “Talestri – Queen of Amazones” at Nuremberg

At Staatstheater Nürnberg we are preparing the baroque Opera “Talestri” in which I will star as high Priestess Tomiri. Tomiri founded the Amazone’s country because of her violent past. There are a lot of confusions, Tomiri has a son and The Skythe’s prince Oronte falls in love with queen Talestri.
Many gorgeous arias by Maria Antonia Walpurgis, saxonian Duches, can be heard. The piece was premiered in 1763 and the duchess herself played the main role…

Conductor: Wolfgang Katschner       Directer: Ilaria Lanzino        Set & costumes: Emine Güner

Julia Grüter – Talestri                    Corinna Scheurle – Antiope, Talestris Schwester
Eleonore Marguerre – Tomiri       Ray Chenez – Oronte                   Sergei Nikolaev – Learco

Amazones Dancers – Mai Förster, Shuting Wang, Romane Petit, Chiara Viscido, Aiga Keller-Ginsberg, Elodie Lavoignat, Sandra Lommerzheim, Anna Mair, Carola Diem