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Premiere of War and Peace / Prokoviev Last Show on Nov 17th @Staatstheater Nürnberg

Eleonore Marguerre as Natasha Rostova

First reviews are really enthuastic about the production…

„At this opera night we see and hear an ideal vocal and acting-wise totally credible incarnation of an overwhelmingly good Natascha sung by Eleonore Marguerre. The enormous applause for Marguerre by the audience proved the singer’s abilities to give an accurate portrait of this young and confused women in search of her true self.“
Opernfreund 2.10.

„The reason is also to be found in Eleonore Marguerre, who portrays and sings so credibly the young and inexperienced Natascha with her youthful soprano. It is her who carries the audience through the first part.“
Klassikinfo, 3. 10.2018

„With such a large and accomplished ensemble cast, it seems almost unfair to pick out individual singers for praise, but the central trio was in a class of its own: Eleonore Marguerre’s detailed and vocally nuanced exploration of the character of Natasha, Jochen Kupfer’s nobly sung Andrei and Zurab Zurabishvili’s conflicted, passionate Pierre.“
Bachtrack, 1.10.


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NMZ 1.10.

Klassikinfo 3.10.

BR Klassik 01.10.

Münchner Merkur 2.10.

Donaukurier, 2.10.18

Bach Track 1.10.

DLF 01.10.18

Opernfreund 2.10.

Nürnberger Nachrichten 2.10.

Director: Jens-Daniel Herzog
Conductor: Joana Mallwitz


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Fürst Andrei Bolkonski – Jochen Kupfer
Pierre Besuchow – Zurab Zurabishvili
Anatol Kuragin – Tadeusz Szlenkier
Helene Besuchowa – Irina Maltseva
Sonja/2. Schauspielerin/Matrjoscha – Kathrin Heles
Maria Dmitrijewna Achrossimowa/Mawra Kusminitschna – Martina Dike
Marija Bolkonskaja – Almerija Delic
Dolochow/Jacqueau – Taras Girininkas
Denissow – Denis Milo/Michael Fischer
Platon Karatajew – Martin Platz
Nikolai Bolkonski/General Belliard – Nicolai Karnolsky
Matwejew/Adjutant aus dem Gefolge Napoleons/Balage – Gor Harutyunyan
Peronskaja/Dunjascha, Stubenmädchen Rostows/1. Schauspielerin – Andromahi Raptis
Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg
Chor und Extrachor des Staatstheaters Nürnberg

Tickets: State Theatre Nuremberg (Webshop) or tel. 0049.911.231-3808